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Jennifer Liska

As a detail-oriented Executive Administrative Assistant, Jennifer M. Liska is an integral cog in our operational wheel, bringing unparalleled organization skills to the team. As one of the newest faces to walk through our doors, having joined Inspired Behavioral Health in November 2021, Jennifer quickly slotted into her role under the supervision of Brandy Castillo, recognized for her exceptionally hardworking nature.

Responsible for streamlining our administrative department, Jennifer is tasked with preparing reports and planning budgets in her current role, having gained extensive experience in billing, budgeting, reports, payroll, and a multitude of clerical tasks before being welcomed into our team. While her proven track record for accuracy is unmatched, Jennifer is lauded by the team for her strong communication skills; key for rapport-building and liaising with the wider workforce.

Born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas, before achieving a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Houston, Jennifer isn’t just a remarkable administrator. Excited at the prospect of aligning her career with her moral compass, she feels incredibly passionate about our work, striving to contribute towards the growth of the company.

With a zest to succeed, a drive to surpass expectations, and a willingness to push the boundaries of what can be achieved within her role, Jennifer represents the epitome of versatility. Having previously managed employees, handled commercial shipments, and enhanced customer satisfaction rates within various companies, Jennifer has packaged her diverse background into a sought-after set of skills, each as invaluable as the next.

When Jennifer isn’t transforming our behind-the-scenes, she can usually be found on her beloved ranch in Hallettsville, Texas. A lover of the outdoors, Jennifer spends her off-days raising cattle, hunting, fishing, camping, and indulging in cozy campfire evenings – all with her husband, friends, sister, and niece in tow.