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Kevin Raines

Kevin Raines comes from a long background of leadership roles though out his life. Kevin is a firm believer in servant leadership and works well in bringing groups together for a common cause. Kevin serves his community by his work as being a former city council member rising to the challenge of being the Mayor of the City of Rosenberg, Texas.

The Chief of Support Services is led by Kevin Raines. As the Support Services Chief, Kevin Raines is responsible for leading a group of highly skilled personnel who provide an array of services to the operation of the company. As the name suggest, one of the primary functions is to provide support to Inspired Behavioral Health Campuses.  The support takes a variety of forms ranging from Safety Operations, Transportation, Business Office, Court Coordinator, and new project coordination.

The vision of the company is to help those with mental health issues to better themselves and improve their lives. Kevin may not be part of the medical treatment team but the role that he provides helps take stress away from the individual so they can focus on themselves.